ACELURE Casual Large Capacity Women Tote Shoulder Bag PU Leather Ladies Bucket Handbag Messenger Bag Soft Shopping Crossbody Bag



ACELURE Casual Large Capacity Women Tote Shoulder Bag PU Leather Ladies Bucket Handbag Messenger Bag Soft Shopping Crossbody Bag


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610 reviews for ACELURE Casual Large Capacity Women Tote Shoulder Bag PU Leather Ladies Bucket Handbag Messenger Bag Soft Shopping Crossbody Bag

  1. E***o

    As in the picture and at exact date, am okay with it.

  2. B***k

    I have not yet received my bag

  3. U***a

  4. M***a


  5. I***a

    Quality is good. Came quickly.

  6. V***r


  7. i***d

  8. V***a

    Very nice

  9. AliExpress Shopper

    I dont like, It look litle bit plastic. But for the price good. Model is nice,material plastic.

  10. L***t

  11. B***t

    Very beautiful bag

  12. V***a


  13. C***p

  14. M***z

  15. H***e

  16. C***B

    It’s absolutely great, it looks very real and even better than in the picture. Good job I’ll be wearing it a lot!

  17. S***a

  18. N***k

  19. M***e

  20. I***a

  21. AliExpress Shopper

  22. V***k

    Good bag. Thanks.

  23. AliExpress Shopper

    Liked, i’ll upload the photo later

  24. A***a

    Very cool and comfortable bag)

  25. V***k

    Quality kanesh is not very…

  26. M***a

  27. AliExpress Shopper

  28. D***a

  29. J***a

    little bit smaller then in the picture

  30. Z***a

  31. E***a

    Kabelka them prostorná but konická v oblasti zavírání availab úzká. Celkově pěkná, elegantní

  32. M***a

  33. j***a

  34. AliExpress Shopper

  35. K***v

    Delivery fast, quality is normal, for comparison of photo bags for 700 p. and this

  36. m***y

    I liked the bag, it’s not the first bag but such a terrible smell was not when. Although no one writes about it, maybe it got me so caught. Packaging bad air cushion was not there is a small room. Delivery by courier to the house.

  37. AliExpress Shopper

    Handbag very cool only as per your size has very cieńkie handles hope stainless durable. Thank you for your shipment

  38. N***a

    Not happy with the bag. Of the pros-the bag brought the courier (though, it would be better if i took it in the post office, but cheaper paid), there are no curves of lines (although in one place the shop is stitched not to the top), cute design (i needed such a soft big bag to the down jacket for the winter). However, the quality of leatherette, from which the thing is made disgusting. There is a cheap shine. Terrible stench (the second day on the balcony i ventilate). Leatherette significantly blows in the cold (now-5, which will be in-20 it is scary to imagine, but i bought a bag for the winter). It is convenient that three versions of handles, but the longest to wear over the shoulder for some reason is significantly different and looks strange. The seller badly packed the bag-only the package. As a result, the thing was wrinkled during transportation. I do not advise buying.

  39. AliExpress Shopper

  40. m***a

  41. r***a

  42. D***e

  43. V***y

    Bag dont come to me, and money don’t back!! Be careful.

  44. S***l

  45. A***a

    Handbag cool, ordered my mother. Cashedo is good. The delivery was fast, brought home. I recommend!

  46. s***I


  47. F***o

  48. T***h

  49. D***k

  50. V***a

  51. E***v

    23 days to moscow time. Through novosibirsk! The bag is qualitatively made of good zippers. For the season two enough. Inside, too, the finish is good. Thank you seller! I recommend to buy! 5 stars!!!

  52. R***s

    A quality roomy bag, in the frost did not crack) stitched well, the threads do not stick out anywhere. After a month of operation, no problems revealed) i will note still good packaging and fast delivery-all in time)

  53. J***s

    Perfect!!! And in 8 days in Holland!!!

  54. J***a

  55. S***c

  56. M***a

  57. AliExpress Shopper

  58. L***y

  59. AliExpress Shopper

    Moderate speed of delivery and product matches the description. OK quality of material and have a nice color. Does not have an air balloon inside of the bag, but it has not lost it’s shape during transport.

  60. y***i

  61. AliExpress Shopper

  62. c***a

  63. F***n

    Late arrived. I think we came across Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Although the bag material is not beautiful soft real leather, it gives the real leather air quite a bit. I just waited a little bit bigger looking at the photos a normal size bag is not big. The material is good quality but I don’t doubt that I even pay much attention to the seams when I get the bag.

  64. P***A

  65. K***a

  66. A***n

    Bag really liked!!!! cool, girls recommend!!

  67. h***t

    Quality excellent and beautiful.

  68. c***a

  69. G***e

  70. AliExpress Shopper

    For this money, the bag is good. Description exactly. Delivery by courier. I’m happy

  71. AliExpress Shopper

  72. M***n

    very. beautiful and gorgeous I love it

  73. A***b

    item not received and seller dont responde for dispute

  74. AliExpress Shopper

  75. G***d

    Nice looking just like in the picture

  76. M***k

    like on pictures, but low quality. need to glue it back together.

  77. AliExpress Shopper

    The less beautiful במציאות. Small, small opening…

  78. AliExpress Shopper

  79. AliExpress Shopper

    Bag as in the photo. There is a smell

  80. AliExpress Shopper

  81. S***a

  82. J***u

    Nice quality. Recommended

  83. A***a

    It is also great but unfortunately I received a brown bag and not the ordered sky blue.. So I am very sad about it..

  84. AliExpress Shopper

  85. A***v

    Good bag!!! Delivery by courier service sdek, which is very pleased.

  86. F***Y

    Très bien

  87. P***a

    Really nice, I am very happy 🙂

  88. O***a

    Good bag. No smell. Delivery by courier service sdek. In a rather deaf corner of our country 3 weeks.

  89. S***i

    First day it is dameg

  90. T***n

    not very nice

  91. AliExpress Shopper

  92. B***b

  93. B***l

  94. A***l

  95. AliExpress Shopper

    everything is super just great smell for nothing

  96. T***n

    The bag has a strong smell of rubber

  97. S***a

  98. AliExpress Shopper

  99. A***o

  100. l***e

    Super grazu

  101. J***t

    Very nice item fast delivery thanks

  102. E***o

  103. AliExpress Shopper

  104. m***m

  105. g***c

  106. D***e

    better than expected! very nice bag

  107. AliExpress Shopper

    Perfect, very quick delivery

  108. p***n

  109. H***N

  110. B***t

  111. G***s

  112. AliExpress Shopper

  113. n***e

  114. B***u

    I’m actually surprised for the very good quality! color exactly like in the pics, also the fact that the bag has a lot of strips, it’s very helpful and looks chic!

  115. a***a

    thank u .really nice bag.order 17.01 got it 01.02.super .

  116. I***o

  117. A***z

  118. L***E

  119. N***a

  120. R***s

    I’m a doctor’s bag just
    Дууууже мені подобається і in подарунок отримала erial on cards for що дуже вдячна продавцю.
    Sorry for your misfortune.
    Great uncle.
    Do not regret this product

  121. K***a

    All is OK I’m very happy Thanks

  122. H***u

  123. M***a

    Very beautiful!!

  124. M***i

  125. S***u

    excellent!!top quality bag well stitched.
    I love this bag

  126. K***a

    Beautifull bag. Quality material. No smell. And lot of pockets!

  127. J***k

    Handbag cute with appearance. Unfortunately already after a few days use odpadły screw fastening belts handbags.

  128. A***N

  129. M***n

  130. I***k

    The color is not the same as i expected. Closer to brown than to burgundy.

  131. AliExpress Shopper

  132. S***r

  133. s***a

  134. I***a

    This seller i order not the first time. Everything is fine. Delivery by sdek service directly home by courier. Bags are perfectly packed, without marriage and smell. A little rustling lining, but it’s not so scary. Lightning works properly, the lines are even. Bags are large and roomy. Correspond to the declared sizes and colors. I’m happy. I recommend both bags and the seller.

  135. AliExpress Shopper

  136. I***a

  137. D***K

  138. AliExpress Shopper

  139. r***l

  140. V***e

  141. y***y

    The bag came in three weeks. The seller sent the goods the next day. The track was tracked all the way. The bag itself is very good quality, the color is pleasant, the size is medium, roomy, with the original design. The order is very satisfied. Seller and shop recommend. Thank you!

  142. j***j

  143. n***n

  144. R***k

  145. M***c

  146. L***k

  147. T***a

  148. P***a

  149. M***a

  150. S***c

    I love the bag it is very beautiful. Unfortunately after only two days of wearing it one of the screws fell off the bag and I lost it
    Hope the seller will send me a new one

  151. k***k

    The photo bag is much more than actually

  152. y***i

  153. P***a

  154. AliExpress Shopper

  155. t***a

  156. K***k

  157. E***n

  158. J***r

  159. F***d

  160. K***n

  161. D***s

  162. J***o

  163. A***n

  164. V***y

  165. J***n

  166. M***h

  167. g***n

  168. S***k

  169. e***e

  170. S***n

  171. H***s

  172. e***z

  173. D***c

  174. s***s

  175. B***r

  176. J***d

  177. C***s

  178. J***n

  179. T***r

  180. G***r

  181. o***a

  182. A***s

  183. a***n

  184. M***v

  185. f***s

  186. K***o

  187. d***a

  188. C***n

  189. d***e

  190. V***n

  191. A***o

  192. S***v

  193. E***o

  194. G***a

  195. C***o

  196. O***v

  197. L***e

  198. N***a

  199. G***o

  200. E***y

  201. D***n

  202. V***h

  203. S***y

  204. E***a

  205. W***n

  206. A***a

  207. K***k

  208. L***a

  209. e***e

  210. j***e

  211. P***l

  212. M***n

  213. m***u

  214. t***i

  215. P***r

  216. m***k

  217. A***a

  218. r***a

  219. h***e

  220. G***y

  221. M***a

  222. s***r

  223. P***y

  224. G***r

  225. S***i

  226. Z***l

  227. J***n

  228. O***y

  229. G***u

  230. C***s

  231. l***t

  232. R***a

  233. L***E

  234. K***y

  235. A***e

  236. N***r

  237. K***x

  238. M***o

  239. AliExpress Shopper

    I am very pleased with the bag. Very successful, during the time i received it. Thank you very much. I will continue to order from you goods. Thanks again.

  240. D***e

    Amazing fast delivery thank you

  241. R***y

  242. J***g

  243. v***t

  244. L***s

  245. A***o

  246. Z***a

  247. G***v

  248. K***a

  249. C***a

  250. a***a

  251. O***a

  252. AliExpress Shopper

  253. W***w

    Is very pretty, recommend, I received also fine gift

  254. T***m

    good quality n product is as described

  255. m***m

    Handbag is excellent, i will wear it with pleasure

  256. c***.

    The goods came with a marriage. cut.

  257. T***g

  258. K***a

  259. AliExpress Shopper

  260. H***a

    Smaller than expected, but it Is my fault. Ian satisfied with this item.

  261. M***a

  262. R***p

  263. A***a

    the size is not really accurate (it’s smaller) the material is soft but very shine

  264. AliExpress Shopper

    No problem at all.

  265. AliExpress Shopper

  266. L***a

    Labai graži žalia spalva, kaip nuotraukoj. Kokybė mane tenkina. Uždakysiu Dar rudos spalvos Arba mėlynos. Atsiuntė super greitai.

  267. T***a

    The bag is very satisfied, i will wear it. I think it is short-lived, for one season, the handles are lame. The seller sent a small gift.

  268. AliExpress Shopper

  269. N***n

  270. S***t

    Thanks gift free.

  271. AliExpress Shopper

  272. Z***a

  273. m***z

  274. I***s

  275. S***r

    The bag is excellent.

  276. AliExpress Shopper

    very nice

  277. J***g

  278. I***e

  279. I***l

  280. S***a

    The bag is decent, sewn well. But all the time the accessories in the place of fastening of the handles are wound. I check the mounts every day, otherwise they can get lost, strains!

  281. AliExpress Shopper

  282. Y***a

    A beautiful bag, soft as leather, qualitatively sewn, there is no smell. Thank you for the gift.

  283. T***s

    it’s ok

  284. A***a

  285. D***a

  286. AliExpress Shopper

  287. b***o

  288. AliExpress Shopper

    The bag is beautiful, non-leather is very high quality, the acquisition is very satisfied. The parcel went sooo long. Delivered late, but tracked.

  289. Z***a

    Very nice, I thought it would be a bit lighter, but it does not matter, it’s great!
    Thank you

  290. AliExpress Shopper

    SUPER, SUPER Handbag is really very well made, its functionality not oddają pictures red color is exactly as the pictures I AM MEGA SATISFIED

  291. N***a

    The bag is very cool, it went less than a month to sochi, but i shoot two stars because two days later the handles broke off.

  292. AliExpress Shopper

    Length is 30 cm, should be 50 cm. I like big sizes bags only, everything else is perfect. Nice green colour

  293. I***Z

  294. R***a

  295. K***a

    All was okej. Bag perfect! Recommend all comply with the description

  296. E***i

    I was pleased with my order. Thank you Aliexpress

  297. M***a

    bag came incomplete, seller told that it does not have this bag, they want not sent missing parts, they refund me

  298. T***R

    The bag came in 3 weeks in moldova. The quality is excellent, many different offices. Easy. The seller is super, thank you very much! I take his second bag and i’m very happy. Order, you will not regret.

  299. B***u

    Good stitches and finishes, soft material, very good packing. Much more than i was expecting. Thank you!

  300. AliExpress Shopper

    The bag is more beautiful than I expected.

  301. t***a

  302. AliExpress Shopper

  303. L***D

  304. S***a

    The seller is congratulations.

  305. L***o

    Everything is perfect and fast, the very attentive seller.

  306. G***G

    It took a long time to get here, but it came. Very good article. Thanks for the present.

  307. j***s

    It’s wonderful.

  308. J***k

  309. Y***a

  310. AliExpress Shopper

  311. AliExpress Shopper

    Beautiful! Light n compact, roomy. Many compartments. I ordered cos i like the design,
    colour and middle zipper. Keep stuff more secure. Same as picture. Handles are very comfortable. Pleasure to carry cos light n comfortable. Pleased with prompt delivery. Very happy. If price is slightly cheaper, it would be perfect. However, seller is responsible n responsive. Does not disappoint.

  312. y***i

    Excellent bag, and for the gift thank you, a convenient thing.

  313. K***a

    It’s beautiful. I’m recomended.

  314. L***a


  315. S***u

    The smell is awfull and I do not like the finish of the purse. I already threw it in de trash can.

  316. t***b

  317. L***e

  318. f***r

  319. M***y

  320. N***a

  321. e***s

  322. D***h

    It’s just perfect. Came very quickly. The color is slightly darker than in the photo, but not critical.

  323. K***k

    Really beautyfull bag. Soft on touch. I recommend the seller and the product.

  324. a***e

    Arrived quickly, thanks for the gift

  325. Y***a

    Good bag. Looks at your money. Not luxury, but for every day will go. The smell was inside the bag for the first couple of days, then disappeared. I liked multifunctional handle-harness: both in the hand to carry, and on the shoulder, and over the shoulder

  326. AliExpress Shopper

  327. N***m

    Received in 15 days. No Delay
    Good quality as indicated on the description
    Thank you seller

  328. M***a

    Handbag is nice, good material and color. The bag is smaller than on the pictures. The inside lining is much smaller than the bag.

  329. D***e

  330. T***O

  331. n***i

  332. c***e

    thought it would Be more of a bag. is really hand bag but good size… pleased with it. and with your service . thank you!

  333. v***a

    A good bag, everything is exactly like in the description, corresponds to the photo. The delivery was long due to the holidays, but the seller warned about it and put a gift. Very satisfied with the purchase. Thank you!

  334. C***s


  335. AliExpress Shopper

  336. V***l

  337. L***a

  338. C***u

  339. G***a

  340. N***a

  341. c***r

    Very beautiful, a little bright, but it’s okay

  342. Z***e

    Very good condition.
    Thank you.

  343. I***a

    nice bag although took too long to arrive. but i am hapoy it came!

  344. e***s

  345. A***a

  346. AliExpress Shopper

  347. c***r

    Very beautiful, a little bright. But it’s okay.

  348. A***u

  349. H***a

  350. AliExpress Shopper

    Product Super

  351. c***p

    Beautiful as the photo, excellent

  352. AliExpress Shopper

    The item is not leather. It is plastic

  353. C***s

  354. a***a

    For such a price is not even bad. Not long enough

  355. A***a


  356. a***l

  357. L***a

  358. s***v

    Finally received my parcel. Delivery is 1,5 months, i thought it would not come, as it was tracked once and with delay. But the expectations of that cost: the bag is super for this price, the seams are even, the handles are thin, but will go, two large compartments inside, many pockets. The seller put a gift, for which a special thank you!!! I recommend

  359. V***n

    Very cool!! Everything is super!

  360. p***p

    Bags are very good!

  361. AliExpress Shopper

  362. F***o

    Found small, finish reasonable and with a smell extremely strong!

  363. AliExpress Shopper

  364. N***a

  365. c***c

  366. t***e

    I did not receive the goods

  367. P***r

  368. T***a

    Good bag!!! The seams are smooth, neat. No smell. Order came quickly!

  369. L***a

    The bag is simply delicious! I’m so glad that i ordered this model! The seller answered all questions, the goods sent immediately. Soft, but keeps the shape. Very all super

  370. M***m

    Belloooo. I’ll buy another color i love it

  371. m***m

  372. F***d

  373. I***v

    The bag is sewn neatly, a little handles are weak,-for a long time will not last. the parcel came to the leningrad region for 26 days.

  374. S***a

    The bag is not bad, but very thin handles
    Twisted. Has a smell. The lining is not close to the bag. Zipper open inconvenient, short.

  375. V***a

    Cool bag! It was a month in the moscow region. Pumpon in the photo, my) the screws immediately glued (based on previous reviews)

  376. N***a

    The bag really liked. for this money (900 with a small)-just super. soft, light, the color is very beautiful.

  377. c***c

    Hezká kabelka, jsem spokojená…

  378. I***a

    Very cool bag

  379. G***A

  380. M***a

  381. V***a

  382. K***z

    Very fast delivery to Poland (10dni). Good quality product. Seller highly recommended. Thank you.

  383. D***s


  384. P***r


  385. AliExpress Shopper

  386. Y***a

    Good bag for this price, only one thing that have to be mentioned – metal bolts that hold handles are getting loose very easily, going to glue it, but not sure it will help though.

  387. L***A

    Took for 979 rubles in the section with friends cheaper. corresponds to the description. delivery about 1 month

  388. N***a

    Thank you very much all received on time and good quality. sorry for the late reply

  389. R***s

    Cool bag. looks impressive.

  390. P***k

    Handbag very cool although ciut darker than the picture. Lined carefully, No. Has a lot of compartments, pockets, locks. Transaction successful. Recommend seller

  391. AliExpress Shopper

    poor quality bag. I lost 2 screws after first wearing. the system caught the straps very badly. the seller is not trustful. he told me to open the dispute for I send the screws to replace them. he did not send me any screws. the purse can no longer be used. I do not recommend the product nor the seller.

  392. K***n

  393. I***c

  394. l***l

  395. L***A

  396. O***a

    Nice handbag. Bolts are better to immediately put on glue.

  397. A***a

  398. AliExpress Shopper

  399. M***P

    All as in the photo.

  400. A***z

  401. B***v

  402. AliExpress Shopper

  403. AliExpress Shopper

    All right. Fast delivery. Recommend.

  404. A***z

    excellent quality, almost not notice that it is not leather

    it’s the second one I buy and I love it!

  405. J***o

  406. AliExpress Shopper

    Good quality, shipping to Poland in 12 days.

  407. B***e

    Nice bag for the price. Thank you

  408. AliExpress Shopper

    I’m happy. This bag is just what I wanted. The color is denim blue. Inside the pocket. There are a few threads. but you can cut them off. the lining is brown. the smell is not perceptible. Greetings to the Seller:)

  409. a***n

    Super lovely bag very happy with it! Top top top

  410. AliExpress Shopper

    Excellent and very, very fast shipping

  411. M***z

    Perfect! Better than expected

  412. l***l

    All ok

  413. AliExpress Shopper

  414. t***d

    Very satisfied

  415. T***a

  416. m***o

  417. K***a

  418. G***a

  419. J***k

  420. V***a

  421. N***m

    Bien reçu. Merci

  422. N***h

    The bag came very quickly. I like it

  423. I***a

    I satisfied.

  424. M***e

    came broken

  425. B***s

  426. c***t


  427. N***n

    The handles are thin for such a model, and the bolts of fastening the handles are always unscrewed,
    In this weak place of the bag, and so satisfied, i hope for a year enough, i buy bags for aliexpress for several years, every year a new bag

  428. AliExpress Shopper

  429. V***v

    Labai graži IR tvarkingai pasiūta. Pardavėja rekomenduoju.

  430. M***k

    Handbag very pretty carefully made I am glad

  431. j***e

    Išvaizda nuotraukose tikrai geresnė, NEI natūroje.

  432. M***a

  433. V***a

  434. O***a

  435. N***h

    Bag as in the picture, good quality. Let’s see how long it will be worn)

  436. K***a

  437. U***a

  438. A***k

  439. K***a

  440. AliExpress Shopper

  441. S***a

    Excellent bag for such money. Looks stylish. Delivery within a month, packed well.

  442. l***n

  443. T***y

  444. A***z

  445. M***t

  446. N***o

    Very satisfied

  447. O***a

    The goods came within a month. Quality of goods at height…
    The seller crumpled the bag. There are large creases, it is unlikely that it will become even

  448. D***i

  449. W***k

  450. L***a

  451. J***e

  452. I***a

    Great as usual. I have many bags from this seller. I can recommend. This time very fast delivery.

  453. P***o

  454. D***s

  455. m***h

  456. S***R

    product is excellent. it came very quickly before tge estimated date. seller was very responsive. packaging was very good and there were no marks of pressing and no smell. exactly as in the description and there are alot of pockets and very much space in the bag. perfecr for everyone.

  457. AliExpress Shopper

    Beautiful wallet, but poor quality. It only lasted one day of use.

  458. AliExpress Shopper

    The bag sent is blue. It’s a shame because I really like the quality but I’d really love it if it came in the black that I ordered. I’ll prob order again and hope that the right thing is sent this time. Lol

  459. AliExpress Shopper

  460. J***a

  461. O***a

  462. o***a

    Nice bag,lots of pockets

  463. C***a

    Very nice and wide

  464. O***a

  465. R***o

    The bag complies with the description. Found little to save my stuff, but is cuz I do College so have several books to use during the day.

  466. D***a

  467. AliExpress Shopper

  468. AliExpress Shopper

  469. m***g

  470. J***a

  471. AliExpress Shopper

    In ukraine in dnepropetrovsk the parcel came for 3 weeks. The seller very quickly sent the order, the same day. The packaging is weak-a cellophane bag and the same envelope, even without a doll. But the bag came without damage and bends. Beautiful, looks more expensive than its price, there are no defects. The stitches are smooth, the inner fabric is quite dense and durable. Decorative bolts that fasten the handles are easily unscrewed, they need to be planted on the glue, so as not to be lost. Purchase successful.

  472. I***a

    Handbag is good, though expected another quality, roomy. thank you very much to the seller for the specified price. i recommend.

  473. C***o

    The shipping was good, time taken was reasonable, and product colors were as mentioned.
    The only issue is the size is not as you would imagine it to be.
    However, you get for what you pay for.

  474. S***e

    love it, thanks seller.

  475. Y***n

    inside of the bag is smaller than expected. also came damaged

  476. AliExpress Shopper

  477. G***o

  478. s***h

  479. K***g

  480. AliExpress Shopper

    Arrived in perfect condition, well packed and early, still not used but the quality looks good.

  481. A***G

  482. O***a

  483. M***k

  484. L***a

  485. m***m

  486. AliExpress Shopper

  487. C***a

    Great seller. Quality very good. Arrived fast. Is beautiful. Recommend.

  488. v***v

    Beautiful product

  489. h***h

  490. e***e

  491. D***f

  492. E***a

    Delivery month to kazan. The bag was without air cushion! There was a slight smell. The bag is cool! Pu bag material, a little shiny. Looks like skin. The seams are even. The bag has 3 kinds of handles, short handles long 37 cm, medium 64 cm, long handle 120 cm. Handles are thin, 1.5 cm. The weight can withstand. The handles are attached to the bolts. Bolts are constantly untwisted, you can lose. We need to fix it well. But if you break the handles, they can be easily replaced, just unscrew the bolt, and inserting another handle, for me this is a huge plus of this model. Inside the bag, like suede, lining quality dark fabric, sewn not around the perimeter. A4 format is placed, but then the main lock will not close, and the sheets will stick out. On the sides you can put an umbrella or a bottle. Bag size: 32 cm length, 15 cm width, 28 cm height. Inside the bag there are 2 pockets and 2 zipped pockets. The main lock does not completely cover the bag. Accessories for metal. I bought for 980₽. If you like the feedback, please put like

  493. AliExpress Shopper

    excellent bag, good qulity, same as picture, thank you

  494. J***a

  495. B***a

  496. P***a

  497. D***o

    Beautiful quality bag and a gift portfolio i recommend you keep shopping with them

  498. s***s

    The bag is sewn very neatly, the seams are even, nothing sticks out anywhere. beautiful, stylish. i wear it with pleasure.
    But the screws, on which the handles are attached, untwist, they are better immediately put on the glue.

  499. F***n

    Bags good

  500. M***s

  501. F***n

  502. p***i

    Very pretty

  503. P***i

    Quickly and efficiently. Recommend

  504. M***a

  505. N***a

  506. A***a

  507. E***a

  508. D***a

    The bag is super, all as in the photo. Delivery is fast. Seller thank you very much

  509. I***d

    Great quality and thanks for the gift recommended guys

  510. M***C

    Love the bag so much. It looks sturdy.

  511. m***m

  512. R***e

  513. N***a

    The bag after 14 days broke the handles-the bolt was untwisted and lost. Only chinese engineers could come up with such a fastening of handles at the bag.

  514. l***s

  515. T***u

    wow! is very soft and real leather. i love it and i recommend this seller.

  516. D***a

    Super fast delivery looks nice large and roomy recommend

  517. L***Z

  518. AliExpress Shopper

  519. g***r

  520. H***n

  521. E***x

  522. e***e

  523. l***o

  524. AliExpress Shopper

  525. R***a

    Thank you!
    I arrive perfect

  526. J***e

    Received the product in good condition. The shipping was very fast too. Thank you so much. I recommend the seller!

  527. T***a

    Lovely bag many thanks

  528. D***k


  529. M***S

    It’s very nice, some smell but it leaves in a few days.
    The bad thing is, i got a handle rivet loose and i can’t use it.

  530. G***a

    Paldies, esmu apmierināta!

  531. A***v

  532. E***r

  533. S***z

    I love it.

  534. AliExpress Shopper

  535. m***m

  536. V***a

    Very nice!

  537. AliExpress Shopper


  538. L***a

    Poor quality of the screws holding the straps come off very easily

  539. V***a

  540. o***r

  541. E***a

    The bag is beautiful, all as in the photo. Recommend. seller thank you very much

  542. A***v

  543. G***k

  544. C***a

  545. S***k

  546. AliExpress Shopper

  547. D***l

    OK. Product quality.
    Arrived in perfect condition like the ad.

  548. k***s


  549. A***i

  550. N***a

  551. A***e

  552. V***y

  553. Y***a

  554. M***h

    All is ok as described. Thanks.

  555. T***y

  556. W***s

    For now, looks great, shipping 2 weeks only, good pacage.

  557. A***v

  558. P***a

  559. AliExpress Shopper

  560. l***n

  561. L***a

  562. l***a

  563. AliExpress Shopper

  564. AliExpress Shopper

    The purse is very nice, but unfortunately, the shoulder was torn off after two days.

  565. s***s

    Item with sleeves not solid because already torn

  566. K***r

  567. k***k

  568. S***l

  569. AliExpress Shopper

    Very nice i recommend exacra to the described

  570. m***a


  571. A***C

  572. AliExpress Shopper

    Kokybiska, truputi Turi kvapa

  573. I***a

    Bag as in the picture, roomy, a4 format is included, the color matches, the quality is good. Recommend)

  574. AliExpress Shopper

  575. a***i

  576. R***s

    Everything is actually as in the photo, there is a small smell that is quickly weathered, the seller put a gift of key chains. from the order to the daughter in samara two weeks. the seller sasibo. i recommend.

  577. AliExpress Shopper

    Color small with photo mismatch and so norms

  578. E***a

  579. L***a

  580. N***e

    Super practical bag

  581. N***y

  582. J***s

    Dear seller, I recieved my order today. So fast!!! Beautiful bag!!! I rate you with five .

  583. F***n

    Nice bag but the one side of the handles broke after a day

  584. Z***a

  585. E***h

  586. M***y

  587. f***e

    Lot handles non sense why not worth the money not recommended

  588. P***o

  589. M***n

    oke. inside is not a soft fabric but a noisemaking fabric. came in 10 days

  590. f***r

    Product complies with the description, for the price you paid is more than satisfactory.

  591. s***s

    Got the bag. Very quickly delivered 21 days to minsk. at the last moment decided to change the color, informed the seller. Came a bag of the color that she wanted. Thank you very much. The quality is excellent. Very satisfied.

  592. K***a

    Somiņai noplīsa mazās lencītes tajā pašā dienā, Kad tā Tika saņemta.

  593. L***l

  594. AliExpress Shopper

    Product arrived in good condition. Good quality. Recommended.

  595. G***e

    Small. Smell PU horrible. Strong. Handles fragile. Not recommend. The price. Very low quality

  596. M***s

    The brooches could get better.

  597. J***a

  598. AliExpress Shopper

    Arrived earlier and it’s just as I expected, it’s beautiful.

  599. A***a

  600. Y***a

  601. C***a

  602. V***a

    Leatherette of good quality, roomy, but does not look cumbersome

  603. b***i


  604. A***s

  605. J***o

  606. s***s

    The truth very disappointed with the bag. Very thin handles and straps so i don’t know what will last when i start wearing, in the photos you see nomals of good support, but the received is thin and weak straps i don’t think they measure more than one centimeter wide, expensive for what i received

  607. R***E

    it is not large. and you lost the strip’s screws easily

  608. F***r

    Perfect description beautiful color in gray, and it seems of very good quality

  609. E***k

    very nice bag, good quality and fast delivery

  610. E***o

    Better looking pictured Niz live, road as the level of workmanship

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